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Join the Morningview Homes Association Email List

From time to time, the Morningview Homes Association (MVHA) Board finds it necessary to communicate news and information to the members of the MVHA.  The MVHA email list will be kept private and will never be sold. The email list will only be used for important information that needs to be passed along and for MVHA newsletter digital distribution. It is easy to sign up for the email list and you will be removed from the list at your request.

You can join the list by emailing your information to:

Trash, Recycling, Yard Waste

Waste Corporation of America

(816) 380-5595

Trash day is Thursday

If you have problems with WCA, please feel free to contact Home Association Solutions (913) 825-0001 and let them know your issue. 

WCA allows for 2 large item pick up once per quarter per address for free.  Please contact WCA to set up your pick up date.


Yard waste: Our subdivision contract allows for pick up of 10 bag max per home. Yard waste can consist of grass clippings, leaves, loose vegetation, small limbs and branches.  Limbs cannot be more than 18 inches in diameter, 4 feet in length and must be tied in a bundle with twine. All items must be 40 pounds or less.  Plastic bags will not be accepted. Wood fencing, landscape timbers, flower pots, yard decor, mulch, rock, dirt, and similar items, will not be accepted. 

If your trash cans are not big enough, you can call GFL Environmental for larger cans. Recycling bins can be up to 65 gallons and trash up to 90 gallons. The sizes of your current trash cans should be on your lids. If you need tags for extra bags that will not fit inside your trash can, these can be purchased by going to the Customer Service desk at one of the following locations and asking for GFL bag tags.

  • Westwood City Hall

  • Fairway City Hall

  • Mission City Hall

  • Fairway Hen House Customer Service Desk (2724 W. 53rd St) 

  • Powell Community Center (6200 Martway St)

  • Mack Hardware (6004 Johnson Drive)

Do You Have A Green Thumb?


We are looking for a Morningview Homes Association Garden Committee to take care of the shrubs by our neighborhood signs. We have a small budget for supplies. Please email if you are interested in helping. 

Home Association Solutions


If you are a home owner, renter, prospective buyer, and/or title company, and have questions about Morningview Homes annual dues or the status of a home being purchased, please contact:

          Home Association Solutions
          (913) 825-0001

          PO Box 26145,
          Overland Park, KS 66225

2024 HOA Dues - $200


Homes Association dues for 2024 increased from $185 in 2023 to $200 for 2024.  Due to the increasing costs of trash/recycling costs, an increase is necessary to continue these services for our Morningview residents.  


Currently our trash/recycling costs for the subdivision rate is approximately $17 per home per month.  This is comparable to the non- subdivision rate, if you were paying as an individual, your cost would be around $26 per month. This is definitely a cost savings for our residents. 


Invoices were sent to residents and  payments were due by Feb. 15, 2024.    

The HOA dues you pay each year cover your trash, recycling, and yard waste, as well as our administrative costs for Homes Association Solutions.

MVHA dues may be paid online using the link below or by mailing your check with the invoice to Homes Association Solutions

If you choose to pay your dues online,  you can use the link below.  There is a  small fee for using the online method. 

Pay Dues Online Green Arrow Button.jpg

To avoid receiving monthly payment reminders via text, please click on the link above (green Pay Dues box ) and log in, then on the top right, where it says Receive Rent Reminders, click the OFF button.

Morningview Covenants & Bylaws



Be A Good Neighbor

There are many things that go into being a good neighbor. Being kind.  Being friendly.  Cleaning up after yourself and your pets. Going the extra mile to help a neighbor in need.

If an issue arises with a neighbor, rather than immediately calling or emailing the city ordinance department or filing a complaint with the police department, try talking with your neighbor to resolve the issue so as to come to a peaceful resolution.  

Many times a neighbor is not even aware of something that you may consider an annoyance or a neighborhood violation. A kind conversation is the preferred method of resolving these issues. 

If you have tried to resolve the issue with your neighbor and still feel you need to contact the City of Overland Park, you can visit the City of Overland Park website and file your complaint there.


Being a good neighbor might include: 

  • Knowing your neighbor's name/s.

  • Being aware of your neighbors in case something doesn't 'look right' one day. 

  • Cleaning up after your own pets.

  • Respecting noise levels late at night and early in the morning.

  • Parking in front of your own house and making sure you do not park directly behind your neighbors driveway so when they back out of their driveway they do not accidentally hit your car

  • Helping a neighbor who might be in need.

  • If you have a lawn mower or snow blower (depending on the season), surprising a neighbor by helping them out.

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