Waste Corporation Association (WCA) – NEW contract details

The Morningview Association Board of Directors has negotiated a new contract with WCA effective April 1, 2021. The changes are noted below:

BULK ITEM PICKUP: Previously, we had bulk item pick up every other year, but now WCA will collect two large items per quarter from all eligible households, each additional item will be $25.00. Residents will be responsible to call 816-380-5595 to be placed on the pickup schedule. On the scheduled day, all items must be placed at the curb. Bulk items include residentially generated household items that can be readily moved by two people, including mattresses, couches, box springs, chairs, dressers, desks, doors, windows, and other household furniture. Bulk items DO NOT INCLUDE appliances, computers, monitors and other electronic waste, hazardous waste (paint, solvents, lawn chemicals, etc.), tires, automotive parts, and construction materials. Excluded items will not be collected.

YARD WASTE: Our weekly allowance is increasing from a 7-bag maximum to a 10-bag maximum! The weight per bag/bundle is decreasing from 50 pounds each to 40 pounds each.

There is no change to the pick-up schedule. Items must be placed at the curb on Thursdays by 7 a.m. If our pick-up day falls on New Years Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, our service will be on the following business day.

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