2022 MVHA Officers and Board Members

Congratulations to the new 2022 Morningview Homes Association Officers and Board Members

President -Jami Lobdell

Vice President - Shari Baellow

Secretary - Nicole Hesseltine

Treasurer - Todd Hill

Newsletter Editor - Krystal Przybylo

Website Manager - Joni Kelsey

Board of Directors

Jami Lobdel Todd Hill Nicole Hesseltine Krystal Przybylo Matthew Brennaman Shari Baellow Sue Belcher Cora Galan Linda Rathjen

The annual Morningview Homes Association Garage Sale is June 1 - 4. If you are planning on participating and want your home included on the list please email your address and which days/hours you'll b

We are looking for a Morningview Homes Association Garden Committee to take care of the shrubs by our neighborhood signs. We have a small budget for supplies. Please email morningviewha@gmail.com if y

April 12 meeting will be held in person at Westbrooke Christian Church at 7:00 pm. Virtual Zoom Option link . ​ Meetings are open to all residents of the Morningview neighborhood and are held at 7:00